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Tabula Rasa

In 19 BBY, the Tabulan government finally declared for the Separatists, due to their promise that the system could go back to complete independence after the war. This led to the Rebublic invading the system.

The Battle of Avicen was short lived due to low numbers on both sides. The Separatist ship the Nova Defiant was destroyed and crashed in the Exej mountains apparently killing General Romar Kek. The separatists managed to destroy the republic ship the Grey Dawn but the republic land troops had already landed. After and during the battle in space, Rebublic troops landed on the planet and took over government buildings, killing the President and placing themselves in charge.

Any Separatist droids were dismantled and living members were imprisoned or forced to flee.

The Tabula System
Imperial Presence in the system

The Separatist Taskforce

The ex-Separatists work based in Defiant Core Base.

Romar Kek
Former Separatist General

An aging war veteran

A suprisingly well-spoken battle droid.

Main Page

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