The largest of the tribal Tabulan underground settlements.

Built into jet black volcanic tunnels and lit by bright luminescent fungi, Rasa is based in one large chamber with several tunnels leading off and several other caves, each acting like a separate building. There is a large mine as well as several mould farms. They mostly eat mould and small insects. They mostly have no technology and exist in a very primitive state, but have exception metal craft and some craft crude machines, but they don’t know how exactly.

Technology is seen as a sign of power and they recognise that droids are tech and so not people.

Home to the Echo tribe, ruled by King Atnii. It has a population of about 600. Despite being a monarchy, the Echo tribe have weekly forums where most decisions are made.

The main advisor to the king is the shaman Nessam. The tabulan guard are all armoured in metal plates which obscure distinguishing features. Their captain is Maktre and they are armed with brass knuckles and blast sticks (kind of a slugthrower.)

Personal disputes in Rasa and other settlements are usually settled by a trial by combat.
This is not to the death, but to the first one to concede or be knocked unconscious. These are mostly unarmed but brawl weapons such as brass knuckles are usually permitted.
You can be represented by a champion in these.

The settlement has a fairly large problem with attacks from beasts and so have a dedicated defence force of a few dozen Tabulans.

The main entertainment is music (with theremin-like instruments) and watching trials by combat (a frequent occurrence.)


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