Tabula ii

Orbital metrics: 230 days per year/ 42 hours per day.

Government: None.

Population: 0

Languages: None.

Terrain: Burned wastelands.

Major cities: Merak (Ruins).

Exports/ Imports: None.

Areas of interest: Irradiated wastes; Ruins.

Major moons: Three rocky, their names have been lost to time.

The first planet in the Tabula system. Thousands of years ago, Tabula ii was the capital of the Tabula system and homeworld of the Tabulans.

When the star Tabula began expanding, it scorched Tabula ii and completely engulfed Tabula Prime. Many Tabulans fled to join the human population on Avicen. The rest trusted in their technology to save them but it failed.

Tabula ii

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