The Tabula System

The Tabula system contains 6 planets orbiting a red supergiant star.

It is home to the cockroach-like Tabulans and currently under Imperial occupation.

There used to be 7 planets in the system but the expansion of the star Tabula destroyed the closest planet thousands of years ago.

Despite being near to both the Rimma and Corelian trade routes, it historically prided itself on being a self-sufficient system.

It didn’t join either side of the Clone wars until late into the war when they joined the separatists due to their promise that the system could go back to complete independence after the war. When this happened it was almost immediately invaded by the Republic which soon became the empire.

The Planets

Tabula ii
Once home to the Tabulan species but now a scorched and barren rock.

Sina and Iben
Twin agriworlds on irregular orbits which sometimes swap places.

Capital planet of the system. A diverse geography with a few massively urbanised areas.

A lifeless and uninhabitable rock with almost no atmosphere or much else.

A gas giant containing many valuable gasses and so is mined heavily by the empire.

The Tabula System

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